Cannot See HUD, Life, Energy, Ammo, Guns, NOTHING!

Yeah, this has been like this ever since I’ve been playing Garrys Mod. In the beggining it wasn’t a problem. But now it’s annoying and I wish I could see ANYTHING. Garrys Mod plays buttersmooth and only lags under the normal lag conditions (i.e. tons of NPCS, props, etc). The only thing that may have caused this is I had to put “-window -dxlevel 70 +mat_forcehardwaresync 0” in the advance launch options for Garrys Mod actually to play. Can anyone offer suggestions or constructive criticism to help me out?

Edit: Also, I cannot see any blood or fire. For the blood part I’ve even installed a gore mod to help, which didn’t do anything. Any suggestions here would help aswell.

blood and fire might be the lower graphic settings you have

I think there’s a ConVar for turning the HUD on and off. If there is, try toggling it back and forth a few times.

You’d have to figure out what it is though. Try “cl_drawhud”, “cg_drawHud”, and “drawHud”.

(I took the cg_ one from Quake 3, and HL is based off Quake…1 I think)

It’s cl_drawhud 1

Nothing. Thanks for the suggestion though