Cannot see my player model.

I just installed a bunch of mods today, and now I can’t see my player model at all, via vehicles or cameras or whatever. I’ve changed player models and they’re all the same. Also, a guy I play with cannot see his, but only in vehicles.

I can see the model upon death however, as well as on this new Bird Mount entity mod I’ve downloaded.

Also, we’ve currently only played on gm_bigcity since it started happening.

Anyone know any mods or conflicts that cause this problem?

I have:

Wire Model Pack
Adv. Duplicator
Anti-No Clip
Bail Out*
Bird Mounts 2*
Buoyancy Tool*
Buoyancy Wire*
Guy Fawkes mask*
Hat Maker*
OL Stacker
OL SuperNumpad*
Player Remover* (sounds fishy but it’s just for banning from the server I think)
Smart Constraint
Smart Snap
Vehicle Control
Weight STool

  • indicates mods I just installed today, it was working fine with the mods I had before

something seems offputting about that birdsmount mod. try uninstalling it. but that’s just my guess.