Cannot see my server !

My ports are forwarded and port scanners confirm it !

I had a seperate machine in my room so I made it a Dedicated Server but the problem is even tough I forwarded my ports I can’t see it my self ? I use the ip address of the machine (taken from and add :27015 at the end and try to see it in favorites but I can’t …

What should I do ?

27015 UDP. And in your server.cfg file, does it say

hostport “27015”

yes do above but also ADD PORT 27020 Its the other steam/garry’s mod open port…

You Can download this port checker tool to check and see if there running/open…

Here you go directly from the site itself I use this all the time to check on my ports…

I happen to be having the same problem too.
In response to iforgotaboutit, may I ask where to put ‘hostport “27015”’?
I created a group at the bottom of my list called ‘ports’ and put it there.

and also 27016 and 27027 in case u use different ports

sv_lan 0