Cannot see server on lists.

So ever since I bought my server (through Serenity Servers), my friends and I have not been able to see the server on the lists. I have tried contacting support, and the support guy can see the server on the lists.
I have no idea why this is happening, and all responses are appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

find your server IP and put that in the search bar of garrys mod, if that doesnt work, search garrys mod server, and match your IP up with the server that you own.

I’ve tried both of those things, but I can’t see the server (still).
Thanks in advance,

i have the same issue, sometimes it takes 2-3 min for my servers to show up (way to long) there is no real reason for this that i can find, connection to steam master servers is optimized (40 ping) neither of my linux based servers seem to be working

That’s odd. I have tried waiting 30 minutes to see my server with no solution. I have no idea why this is happening. I can’t open my server because of this, it’s so annoying.

Thank Steam.

I just changed server hosts. That fixed the problem, plus the new host is in my City.
Yay me.