cannot shoot in prop hunt i think its a lua issue

cant shoot think its a lua issue thats what is bright red in the console i have a mac and no idea how to fix this. only way i can pick a weapon is by clicking a number cannot do anything as a hunter cant use any of my weapons but can run around and pick things up. sorry i posted the pics on my tumblr is you click on them they get bigger.

if anybody can fix this you will be my savior because i just want to play so bad haha.
idk how to show you guys the picture of the console nothing is working
but if you got to my tumblr this post shows the picture here:
apprently my Lua jit is disabled also there is a message about an unsafe html java thing put i do not have a pic of that.

Problem #1 right there.

so its solved it just had to reset my keys back to default!