Cannot spawn props. gm_spawn is "unknown".

I posted this in the help section, but everyone there seems to be fucking useless.

I cannot spawn props on my server, I get the error “unknown command: gm_spawn” when attempting to. Also, user groups and weapon loadouts are disabled and screwed up. Anyone know what could be causing this?

I’m guessing someone uploaded a lua virus to your server.
Check all your lua files, the people that make them usually make some pretty obvious names/code.

I didn’t see anything unusual or obvious in my lua folder. :frowning:

Recent downloads?

Did you accidentally delete a vital file to run garrysmod? Because my friend did something like that.

I have more posts then an 06’er :dance:


damn ninja


I did that to.

It was funny when my friend did it, I had to copy one of my files and let him put it in his directory.

Only one other person has access to my server, and he hasn’t added or removed anything in a month.

Did you remove yourself from admin? I’ve heard of people accidentally doing that, and basiclly screwing up their whole server.

No, I haven’t done anything that stupid. :> I’m wondering if this is tied to the recent update, but I don’t know. It’s just a pain in the ass to have to reinstall the server every other time Gmod gets an update.

People are complaining about the update breaking a lot of stuff, but everything still works the same for me…

Yea, I noticed…I guess I’ll just have to reinstall again and hope garry doesn’t fuck everything up again when the next update comes around. :confused: