Cannot Strip Weapons

No matter what method I try, I cannot strip all weapons from the player. It always ends up with the physgun, gravgun, stunstick, pistol, grenade and smg left. I read somewhere that an update broke the ply:StripWeapons thing.

Show your script and does it strip any other weapons?

Try this. this goes in your init.lua if your making a gamemode.

function GM:PlayerLoadout( pl )
return false

if your adding your own weapons

function GM:PlayerLoadout( pl )
pl:Give( "weapon_name_here" )

Neither of these worked, any other suggestions?

Add me on steam, if you’re still having trouble. SoulOfDivinity.

Why wouldet they work? your obviously doing something wrong.

Divinity got me going again, I messed up the capitalization on something earlier and that fucked everything up.

Okay. >:P