Cannot suddenly open my map.

My hammer is crashing. I didnt edit anything, it worked perfectly last night. Anything that could make this happen? I only made a new gmod configuration because my old one wasnt
there for a reason. These are my settings:
Its on Source Engine MP;

And boom, a crash.

Decompile your bsp file OR open the vmf in a notepad and delete the cordon entity at the last line.

Not BSP, its VMF. And what do you mean?

open it in txtedit and delete the entity in the last line

also we have a megathread for these questions

Why have you scribbled out the vmf name? It’s not like you haven’t made it obvious what you are working on.

Hmm…the last word is copy…

Yeah its a backup of the original map.

EDIT: I’ve done what everyone said and it went now to the line before, 169161, saying unexpected end, like the errors at the OP, just with the diffrent line.

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I might be able to fix it if you send me the vmf

Sent you a PM.

i was kidding i wanted to see what the vmf name was :v:

what is it

Oh thanks…

That line is simply a }, or if u meant to the vmf, i’m not telling.

Considering that you have been using prefabs and models ripped off sites, it should be called frankenstiens_monster.

I see nothing wrong in using released models / prefabs in my map. If i find a model i needed, it is way more simple using it rather than creating it, but of course, i’m making sure it is released / i have a permission. You all were starters in mapping once, and i’m pretty sure that most of you used prefabs when they just started, and damn Iron, i highly doubt that you use only your own models only on your map, also considering you’re using hammer, which isnt yours… Why arent you just making a new version of hammer, a version exclusive to you? If the prefab is released to the public, i’m pretty sure its ok using it.

youre a fucking idiot

I, as a non-wizard, kindly disagree with you but still respect your opinion.

I, as a dragin-owning fire wizard, kindly disagree with you but still think hes an idiot

Dude, calm down. All he did was make a joke, and it wasn’t an insult to you. With that attitude, who will want to help you?

I have never used prefabs in my life bar the stairs prefab provided by hammer. I try my hardest to only use base props contained in the engine i am making the map for.

The problem with using prefabs is that they do not match your style of mapping, nor can you match the architectural factors of the prefab.

I don’t have a problem totally with the use of prefabs, i more have a problem with new mappers using that as an excuse to fill a map with content that isn’t made by them. As we discussed in pm, there is nothing wrong with making a bad first map.

You don’t have to release every map you make, and it is better to make a few poor maps, then to just start thinking that customs make maps better, so even if the the bits you make look bad, it’s ok as you can ride off the fact that you have custom props.

So far, i have seen none of this work, you are keeping it all close to the chest, which either means that it looks really good because none of the work is your own, or its a really shit hash job.

Would you look at their attitude? Mine would of not been like that if their attitude wasnt like this. I guess this is the only attitude they get.

I understand, but excuse me, not trying to be rude or anything, but tbh if i got permissions and everything, why do you think it is your business? You could either reply with a helping comment, or just not comment. Was this post really necessary? Why did we have to get offtopic?

You will find i have a lot less attitude for those that accept that they aren’t the best mapper in the world because they can download props.

I made a cutting remark, you gave me attitude. Did you not expect a larger post back?