cannot upload to

whenever i upload a zip file to, it says “file is not a zip file” when it is. ive tried a bunch of different browsers and zip archivers and nothing works. whats wrong?

Its not a zip file lol?
Or its too big ?

its only 20MB on its compressed version, is that too big? and it is a zip file: has a zipped folder icon, and the destination bar where you upload says gm_multifield_beta***.zip***

im having the exact same problem :confused:

ive tried changing the compression method and i know its definetly a zip file.
it just says file is not a zip file()

I too am having the same exact problem, I have changed it from Zip to Zipx, the file size is not too big nor have I violated any rules/ laws within

Username: Opti

It sucks bad because I have things I want to upload :] Lol.

is this happening to everyone at the moment or just for certain users?

I just uploaded a random zip from my downloads folder and it worked fine. Try a different web browser? Clear your cache?

ye i tried uploading some materials and it worked fine but as soon as i added my bsp file it did it again. ive tried different web browser i even tried doing it from a proxy but no luck.

it seems only to happen with certain files. or maybe zip size ???

the zip file is only 2.4 mb. the materials i uploaded were 844 kb. ill make a dummy bsp the same size as the materials and give that a go.


the dummy bsp worked. but how am i supposed to upload my 2.4 mb file?

Yeah, it is not working for me at all. I tried uploading a 2 kb file and it denied it. Grrr. Lol.

well i guess ill upload it to rapidshare or mediafire to see if its me or the server. but if its the server ill have to release my map via facepunch thread.


tried them all, nothing works

This is happening to me also, I can’t upload my map. Is it a glitch?

It looks that way. I can’t upload either.

Yeah, I’m trying to upload my map, compressed in zip to 1.7mb, it doesn’t want to upload. I’ve tried both WinRAR and WinZIP. :\

Same message every time, “not a zip file”

I have the friggin same problem. I just finished my first succesful map ;3 and i can’t upload it

I wonder whether Team Garry’s ASP.NET support team is operational at 7pm on a Sunday…


…we might have to wait ú_ù

Based on the fact that nobody has uploaded anything in the past 13 hours from when I made this post, I’d say it’s broken for everybody.

I wonder if this will get his attention…

I made a big weapons pack and it won’t let me upload. It’s a zip, and it takes like 10 minutes trying to upload then it refreshes and says thats’s not a zipped file() or something like that. Pissed me, off, I want it to upload it this weekend.

I just had the same problem trying to upload a reskin I personally hexed.

And I thought it was just me having this issue.