Cannot use items in bar (1 2 3 4 5 6 does not work) on Mac OS X

Hello, I just purchased RUST from Steam but after i logged into the game I realize that I cannot use anything in the bar. For example when I press “1” for using rock nothing happens. This is same for all keys 1-6

Can you please help me how to solve it? The game is now unplayable :frowning:

Using: MacBook Pro Retina 15", Intel Iris Pro + nVidia GT750M, Mac OS X Mavericks

Hi gulon, I play fine on an iMac desktop and MacBook Air laptop, without any issues, (you have to hold the (fn) button down to use the f1, f2, f3 options, and you cannot crouch and move forwards using the arrow key, you need to use the “w”, as Ctrl-UP is a hotkey on the mac), but apart from that, it’s fine.

Are you sure it’s not something simple like Num-Lock turned on, or something?