cannot wake up

so i decided to play for the first time in weeks. i didnt realize there was an update (it looks nice by the way). i respawned (because apparently i died in the several weeks ive been offline lol) and played for a while. got dehydrated and gave up… i came back 30 minutes later to try a different server, but i couldnt wake my guy up. i kept persistently clicking the button to wake up, but nothing happened. i hit “esc” to try and quit to desktop, but that wouldnt work either… i had to cntrl-alt-delete and close out of it there… i tried again. i opened it up, tried a different server, but still couldnt wake up… this last time a wolf started attacking my guy, and i figured well i might as well just wait till i die and respawn. but i never died… the wolf just kept attacking me and blood kept coming out of my character, but thats all that happened. eventually the “wake up” button disappeared completely… i didnt know what to do, so i found this site, made an account, and, well, here i am…

EDIT: i just realized this is the wrong forum… i dont wanna spam this, so if a mod sees this, can you move it to the help one?

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fixed it… opened console and typed “respawn”

I’m not sure what the respawn command does (and can’t check since no one can connect to servers right now it seems), but an easier and possibly safer fix is to type “sleep” and then “wakeup.” This fixes the issue where the game believes you’re not sleeping when you really are.