Cant add back wpn_select?

For some odd reason for my sound pack im working on to add old gmod sounds back I cant seem to add back the old wpn_select sound… I have the folder created it goes sound > hl2 > sound > common > wpn_select.wav, I also have tried hl2 > sound > common > wpn_select.wav and sound > common > wpn_select.wav

Any help would be appreciated. I really hope someone can help me fix this!


Why are you putting stuff into hl2/? It will never override any sounds. Use addons folder.

Well I have the folder in my addons it is addons>soundsaddon>sound>hl2>common>wpn_select.wav
Are you saying to put it like this addons>soundsaddon>sound>common>wpn_select.wav? Because I have tried that and it hasnt worked

Get rid of the hl2 folder if it wasn’t apparent already. How hard is it to download any random addon and see how they did it?

I will, but I have done that but no sound addon seems to have nothing with wpn_select like when you press e to make that noise.

wpn_select.wav is not used in Garry’s Mod by default, you cannot override it because it is never played.

Ah, ok so no way to add it? Thanks for the info.