Can't Add Custom Weapons to TTT Server!

Hi all,
So I am having trouble with my TTT server. I try adding a custom weapon, in this case the Spiderman gun, and whenever i try spawning it I get “Attempted to create unknown entity type spidermans_swep!
NULL Ent in GiveNamedItem!” My main goal was to add this weapon to the point shop in my server, but seeing that I can’t even get it working on the server itself, that may not happen. So far I believe I have done everything right. I downloaded the file and made the shared.lua like so: and I have put the spiderman gun folder in the /garrysmod/gamemodes/terrortown/entities/weapons directory, aswell as the addons folder in my server. I am still a noob at stuff like this so please bare with me haha :D.
Thanks in advance!

If the content is already in the shared.lua in the folder spidermans_swep, I’d more the folder the lua/weapons mainly because its a much easier way to add and remove weapons while also removing the risk of it being removed in an update. Anyhow, that error seems to be suggesting that It can find the weapon which probably means you’ve typed it in wrong or the name of the folder is different. Another thing I would suggest is removing the one in the addons folder since having two copies doesn’t work very well. Anyhow, hope this helps :slight_smile: