Can't add map to GMOD server

Hey guys, trying to add a map to gmod. I do not want to use steam workshop to put the map on the server and i know just adding the files to the folders will work. But i want to know how to use the addons folder on the server to add a map or gamemode. I have been looking everywhere for help and no one ever says anything about how to have the folder structure and i would really like some help.

you wouldnt use the addons folder for those two. place maps in the map folder gamemodes in the gamemode folder

Is there any way to make it that way? i don’t want to hunt thorough a bunch of folders to remove maps and the materials, mostly because i want to change and update the map

It’s 2 folders ._.
Gamemodes, and maps.
That’s it, and they tell you which is which.
You have gamemodes maps addons and cfg, those are the only folders you should touch, and you don’t need to “hunt through a bunch of folders”, you just need to go to the folder that you want…

Well the workshop file i extracted has a maps, materials, models, and particles folders.

and the gamemode has a gamemodes, materials, models, resource, and sound folders

looks like a bit more then 2 folders too look at to remove stuff.

Edit: gamemode is Cinema and map is Alpha Cinema

try making a folder call it the name of your map
place everything from the workshop addon into it maps, materials, models, and particles folders.
that could work though i’m not sure if garrysmod loads addons after map initialization or not (if it does the map wont appear?)

Anyway, you can use GMAD Extractor to extract map from *.gma-file and place it on the server.