Cant add myself to server owner/admin

I do in console

ownerid (steamid64 adress) "Name" "description"

I also do

global.ownerid (steamid64) 

To no prevail.
Then when I go ingame to try a command it goes

global.ownerid (Steamid64) User (Steamid64) is already an OwnerUser (Steamid64) is already an Owner

ownerid “steamid64 number” “Name”


You need to save the config and reboot the server too.


I get the steam ID from using Rusty and enter all commands in Rusty too…


and then relog

You cannot run global.ownerid as a player, so you need to do this either via the cfg file or via RCON

Cant even get rusty to connect to the server, as for server.writecfg I couldnt find it in the server list

After looking at your steam profile I decided I ain’t gonna bother offering any more help.

wow, 8 VAC bans. that’s the most i’ve seen in a while.

Moving past my vac bans, anyone know how to fix this?

Check the answers given in this topic, as they are the answers needed for you :wink:

That elephant does not quite fit under tbe rug sir. Seriously, move away from the computer and forget it ever existed, sincerely, The Internet.