Can't add new job to a group other than anyone,admin, or superadmin

Hi the title of this thread basically says what my problem is. You see I want to add a custom job to my server but I want it to be only for the group operator which is a ULX group. Now when making the job the spot where it says "admin = " I am only able to do 0 for anyone, 1 for admin, and 2 for super admin. As you can see I have no idea what to do about that. Here is the code for the job atm.

TEAM_NINJA = AddExtraTeam(“Ninja”, {
color = Color(70, 70, 70, 225),
model = “models/player/demonicking/anbukakashi.mdl”,
description = [[You’re a ninja, an ELITE assasin stocked with the
best of the best weapons to take down your enemy with great percision
and execution. People are able to hire you for money to kill an enemy
just like hitman. The difference between you and a hitman is you have
elite weapons and tools to kill your target quickly and then get away
without ever being seen.]],
weapons = {“models/weapons/w_crossbow.mdl”},
max = 1
salary = 60,
admin =
vote = false,
hasLicense = false

So if you have any solution to what to do that would be great, thanks.

Thank you!