Cant Be Unbanned

Recently i went to ban myself on ulx for 1 minute as a joke. I accidentally permabanned myself and had to get someone to unban me. But here is the weird part. After they unban my id and i try to join back, the server crashes. And when it starts back up. Im still banned. They also tried looking me up on the bans list. and for some reason i dont show up. Can anyone please tell me whats wrong. This is really bad. Thanks!
ALSO. this is ULX related.

Try reinstalling your ULX.

Ill have to wait for the owner to get on. I am only Manager

Thats what you get for banning yourself

Try finding your steamid in cfg/banned_user.cfg or data/ulib/bans.text. Reinstalling an addon like ulx has no effect since all the stored data and settings are kept in the data folder, or as PData.

The OP said that the server is crashing. The server owner could have installed a broken addon or edited a file he shouldn’t have.

I have found the problem, the ban was being stored in the banned_users.cfg. Thanks for all the help