Can't bone club soft sides of doors anymore?

So last night we were raiding and ended up inside someones base. We started bone clubing a backwards door and it wasn’t working…barely any damage…is this a bug or on top of nerfing everything they nerfed bone clubing soft sides also? Anyone else having this issue?

its a nerf. I guess, only rockets do bug currently

Hopefully bone clubbing doors is finally fixed. Now go go go for bow raiding.

They probably finally fixed it, about time.

I feel like it was an important part of raiding. They are nerfing the raiding techniques and making it much harder to do what the game is about. I came back to rust after not play in over a year to find a balance in the system. This last month I was actually able to raid people when before obtaining anything to raid with was painful. This was a step back in my opinion.

it’s an exploit though; exploits should never be an integral part of a game, and certainly not part of game balance. if they were intended, they would be features.

They needed to fix doorframe, not allowing to place door wrong side, instead they did it easy way. Lets say you take a slave or guest and give him the code to outer door. Even if he revealed to be a douche you’d always be able to remove YOUR OWN door by boneclubbing it out. I personnaly used this stuff few times. But now you litteraly cant give away a code ever, becasue door is not removable by conventional means.

Not sure if I misunderstand your point, but you can remove your own door (and the lock) by opening the door and holding down the “E” key. The option is there to first remove the lock (if you are able to unlock it) then to remove the door. Thus, if you give someone access to your house they can remove any doors they have access to without having to resort to clubbing them down.

Bone clubbing through anything but a wood door shouldn’t be a thing…soft side or not.

It was an stupid part of raiding. Why is a door weak as fuck on one side and hard like steel on the other side. And bone clubs was so cheap.

PLZ fix wrong door side back to what it was plus for wrong places walls
both are just like normal and that it not how it should be. If it is correct now plz mention those changes in the devblogs as i allways read them and twitter channels but keep us updated atleast TY

They said in their latest update that they removed weaker side of doors because it was pointless and only affected people that didn’t know about it. Bone clubbing the inside face of a door doesn’t do bonus damage any longer.