Cant browse for 3d models

when i place a static or physics prop and go to the world model option and hit browse. i hear a beep. then when i click anywhere on hammer it beeps. and i have to shut off hammer through task manager even tho it isnt frozen technically. i cant find a fix for it anywhere.

What do you mean a beep.

Is this beep coming from your pc or the speakers?

lol im kidding, but check your settings, or redownload hammer.

Knowing the location of the beep is required to know. If it’s coming from the pc itself, checking settings and redownloading hammer won’t do shit.

its from the speakers. no matter where i click on the screen. well exept the task bar. so its only the program

What is your graphics card, and have you updated drivers recently?

my graphics card is crap. its a nvidia geforce 7000. but i never had trouble before. i dont understand. im about to give up on source engine. not being able to make an actual mod till valve pumps out sdk base 2009. and low res textures in the editor all of a sudden. all this is so frustrating

Which 7000?

They did a 71,72,73, 74, 75, 76, 78 and 79.

Source should still support all of them as they are all still good enough for source, but it might be worth downloading and installing the latest drivers (275.33).

If that doesn’t work, you could try removing hammer completely from your system and re downloading it.