Can't Build Anything

On Facepunch Washington myself and apparently everyone in chat can’t build anymore. I think the building limit has been reached, is there a wipe soon?

I noticed I can build in a new area, but trying to add on anything to my base even with 100% stability will not work. Can’t place fireplaces, cabinets, walls or anything of the sort.

Yup, its messed up. It always happens about week 3 to many entities. So at least 1 week of non playable servers. Now I hear it’s not wiping for 3 more weeks?

We need to fix decay. I think it should grow exponentially from when you last repaired it. Like if you never repair your blocks no matter what kinds will decay in 3 days. But the first day they only lose 10 percent of total health and the second 40 more percent then the last the final 50.

But no matter what they do they have to do it now. This weekend all official servers will be unplayable. Hope they address this at least as fast as they fixed the rock issue (preferebly faster since I was frustrated with how long that took but I know its not magic and they had to code a fix :slight_smile:

Official server Texas 2 had a wipe yesterday so why didn’t your server?

@Helk It’s the weekend, wipe official Washington so everyone can play please.