Cant Build walls between pillars on 2 sides of my house.

So I’m trying to build a house and I cant seem to place walls/doorway on 2 sides of my house, even though i have pillars on the foundation. I even handed over a wall to a friendly stranger and He was able to place the wall!!! I have logged in and out and have suicided, none of that worked. I really wanna build houses to keep some of my things safer for once.

Are you saying that even the green/red ghost doesn’t show up if it doesn’t you have to restart your game, happens to me quite a bit and thats how i fixed it.

oh it shows the red. But its in a perfectly good place, even a naked guy was able to do it for me.

You have to rotate the walls so they align between 2 pillars. Use the scroll wheel to rotate walls.
The wall will turn green when it’s placable.

At least I think that’s the issue here. The other wall / doorway can probably be placed because the default placement correctly aligns them with the pillars.

Now that, is absolutely helpful. Thank you very much