Can't buy from point shop

Hi there, I am an experienced Lua programmer however I am having troubles with the point shop addon in my TTT server. I am trying to add new player models. Everything is setup, including for e downloading the files. However when anyone goes to click “buy” on the product, nothing happens. Anyone know a solution or how to fix?


If you know LUA, make some debug info. Make it print some of the variables when you press buy,
you can get a better picture of what’s going on.

That is true. I will try that. I was just hoping someone had similar problems that would save me the trouble from debugging :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Tried manually Debugging the code, and still found nothing to be wrong. In a more detailed version of what is going on Here is what I have done.

Server Side:

Uploaded materials and models to my FTP server.
Synced the Files to my FastDL Web server
Added all my resource.addfiles to an autorun lua file
Added a Lua file into my playermodels category folder for my Player Model

Client Side:
Pointshop can be opened up
Category can be selected
Model shows up as no error, and a preview is availabled
Can click to buy, asks for confirmation of purchase

Then, It does not remove any points, or gives the player the model. But instead, you may continue to click it and purchase as well.
Can’t even use the admin tab in order to “Give” the item to a player.

If anyone would like to help, I can also invite you to the server to witness what is going on. Please and Thank You,