Cant buy Rust *IMPORTANT*

So, I have 2 friends, FriendNum1# is trying to buy FriendNum2# rust(Steam gift)
and then this massage shows up :
What should they do? this is very important :frowning:
FriendNum1# has tried everything! He tried to buy from different computer and from his Cellphone…
Do you know what to do?

Contact steam support?

Maybe Steam is having issues? Just open a ticket with them.

I might be far out here but you COULD do what the message say and actually contact steam support. Just a thought.

Yeah and with that being a Steam error message nobody here can help you really.

This happened to me once before. Go to your steam folder then in the steam files delete everything except for the steam.exe, Userdata folder, and your SteamApps folder. Then restart steam and let it reacquire the files you deleted and then there should be no problem making a purchase.

Good luck!

Edit: This is what Steam Support tells you to do.

If you’re still having trepidation in doing these steps, check this video out.

He already said he tried the purchase via his phone which sort of implies it’s not just related to an issue on his PC.

Thanks for wasting my time, the IMPORTANT was a fucking lie.

He doesnt have enough funds

delete steam reinstall

Well judging by the amount of time you put into lurking in these forums, your time isn’t worth much to begin with. I’m sure the OP can cover the costs.

Stop using stolen credit cards.