Cant by gold member?

thers no gold member in the by upgrades? why?

Probably took it down cos people are abusing it for keys.

They earn money from it, so why would they?

Shit you’re right, never even noticed that. Might the mods have an idea as to why? It could be because of the whole key abuse thing but this is a pretty big forum and it obviously affects everyone so I wouldn’t say that for sure.

You know, that’s odd, what if someone wanted to buy gold for any other reason? :v:

Garry posted earlier that he has now stopped it, crying will not bring it back.

Yup. Too many people were buying it just to get a Rust key so he temp removed the feature. Wouldn’t be surprised if he brings back the post count/join date requirement (it’s a good idea honestly)

Well doesn’t that speak volumes in terms of garry not milking it?

People are wasting their money on it so why not keep it if u keep it u get more money more money equals more game development and its a first come first server basis anyway so why remove it if people arent lucky to get it their not lucky to get shame on them but dont remove something thats a good thing to get prophet because people are stupid