Can't Change Audio Settings After 05/14 Patch

Hello, hopefully someone can offer some advice.

Before the 05/14 patch I’ve had no issues. As of the 05/14 patch, changing the audio volume sliders from the F2 menu has no impact on the audio output.

I am able to change the type of audio (mono, stereo, etc) and I can clearly tell the change works as the volume sounds different. Even still, I’m unable to change the audio via F2 Audio Sliders.

I use 3.5mm headphones and by using volume mixer in Win7 I am able to change the master volume, but I’m looking for a way to do this ingame.

Does anyone know of any console commands or cfg files that I could edit?


Yeh 5 of my team cant do anything with sound either

the same problem

A friend in my group has described this exact issue to me since the patch! Definitely hoping this gets worked out.

Yeah I also noticed that when changing sound levels in the mixer it still has no effect on the games actual sound.

same here! please fix!

Just to update, I did find and edit the config file. Unfortunately, that had no impact on my sound levels.

This is a massive problem, please fix as I do not see any related updates on the twitter feed.