Can't Change DarkRP Scoreboard?

I’m trying to change the Scoreboard to Sui Scoreboard (Link Below that I’m using) and it isn’t working, when I start the server (With Sui Scoreboard in Addons) it just uses the default fadmin darkrp scoreboard and not the Sui Scoreboard.

Please help, Thanks!

NOTE: I do have ULX.

Disable fadmin.

Go to: gamemode/shared/
delete fadmin_darkrp
Then in gamemode folder,
Open cl_init.lua and init.lua and remove the line which includes fadmin_darkrp to prevent lua errors on start up.

That scoreboard isn’t even DarkRP…

Don’t do that. That’s editing core files. Do this:

I’d like to see more answers regarding my question, thanks guys keep it coming!

Actually Bo, thanks for that! I fixed the addon and did what you said and it worked perfectly. Thanks!

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I guess I’ll rate you dumb too haha.