Can't change dedicated server to a different game mode?

I was trying to make a game mode, and all of a sudden when I start my server and join it, it stutters really bad. Every sound plays 5 times and it isn’t responsive at all. I figured it was my code. I tried removing the whole folder with my project in it and changing the game mode it is looking for. Not only did it continue to look for the old gamemode, it somehow could load up without that gamemode even in the directory anymore.

How is this even possible? Why would my gamemode freak out like that?

Also is there a proper way to change the gamemode of the server? I tried editing tons of config files and no matter what I changed it too it still looks for that one gamemode.

Change the launch commands

Forgot about the batch file, got it to change. I still have a weird persistent stuttering everything though. I can load up games no problem, I just can’t join my own server without it going crazy.