Can't change DTree_Node text color

I would like to change the color of my DTree_Node text to get it white but SetTextColor() doesn’t work…
Do you have an idea or a function for that ?
And if possible to change the text font too

MyDTreeNodeElement.Label:SetTextColor( clr )

DTreeNode uses DTreeNode_Buttom, derived from DButton, derived from DLabel.

Thanks it worked but I can’t do the same with a DListView line any idea ?

DListViewLine.Columns[ ColumnIndex ]:SetTextColor( clr )

Unfortunately, DListViewLabel is internal so there is no documentation on it, it is however stated to be derived from DLabel, so you should be fine using the above.

DListViewLine is the value returned by


The source is still available.

Sorry I meant DListViewLabel.

Thanks you ames you’re awesome !
And thanks Sean but I already knew where were the source code, but it doesn’t help me anyway.