Can't Change GameMode. Help !.

I have Linux server. Why I can’t change game mode ? When I set Gamemode in server.cfg with commands “sv_defaultgamemode” “underdone” and “sv_gamemode” “underdone” server still loads SandBox gamemode. This is bug or I don’t know how to set game mode ?

Try type in the console: “changegamemode “map” “underdone””

If that doesn’t work. I am not sure.

gamemode “underdone”

let sv_gamemode be empty.
Make sure you have a gamemode folder in the gamemodes map.
sv_defaultgamemode should be underdone.

Giv eus any errors.

When in server I change game mode to DarkRP with commands changegamemode rp_downtown_v2 DarkRP gamemode don’t works, any commands dont work gamemde just doesn’t loads only DarkRP HUD

“sv_changemap” “underdone” (in console) if that doesn’t work, then I don’t know what to do.

Create a file called autoexec.cfg then in the file put sv_defaultgamemode “underdone” then put autoexec in garrysmod/cfg then it should work.

ok, i try it