Can't change object distance while dragging, need rebind

Title. I can’t change object distance while it’s being dragged with gravity gun, think my wheel is :heart::heart::heart::heart:ed up but aside from that, I can’t find an option or anything to rebind this function elsewhere.

Is there any way to do this?

Help please?

If you mean the Physgun, E + W or S, It’s that simple, Stop spamming every single forum

What e wasd whatever, I bind my movement to WASD and e is use.

Preferably, I would like to bind this feature to my 2 directional buttons on the side of mice.

bind “mwheelup +use;+forward;invnext”;bind “mwheeldown +use;+back;invprev” for the physgun or bind “mwheelup +attack”;bind “mwheeldown +attack2”, for the gravity gun