Can't click to connect server ! Help plz !!!

Hi guys ,and thanks to look at my problem.
I got a big problem ,im stuck at the server list .
I can do a million of clicks on each server nothing happen i can’t go to the loading page and join the game that so badly :confused:
I need help cuz i don’t know where can be the problems, i’ve try to start the game in dev mode but nothing change .
If someone know how to fix it i sware tell me !

Edit:when i try to join a random server with the rust console i can go to the connection page but after that it’s going back to the menu and say connection failed

uh double click it? lol

i spam click on each server nothing happen !!! that why i don’t understand!!

Make sure you’re actually disconnected from your current session, Not just viewing the list by hitting Esc during your game.

i can’t join the session at this time i never have play rust on this computer i never load the world
im just locked at the start menu of the game. impossible to select any server