Can't click to connect to any server. Please Help.

Hey everybody. I just bought/installed Rust today but I cannot seem to connect to any servers. When I click, double click, etc. on a server name be it an official server, community server etc., the highlighted server name changes to an orange color, back to grey (highlighted) color and that’s it.

I’ve seen others having this issue and I’ve not come across a solid resolution so I’m hoping somebody out there has resolved this and can help.

I’ve tried verifying game cache and even uninstalling and re-installing to no avail. It’s happening for any and all servers I try this for. Thoughts?

I seem to be having the same problem. im about to contact an admin about it. hold tight ill let you know if they have a solution… :slight_smile:

Try to connect via this netconnect command.
But this issue is totally common.

how does one connect via a netconnect command? steps pls?

thankyou for replying so fast

Check the forum.
I can’t help that much via mobile, sorry.

Have you tried spam clicking on a server name?

I was able to connect to some servers (once I found an IP address and port number) by using the net.connect command. But, still would be nice to not have to do this any/every time!

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Yup. No luck.

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With the game open, press F1 to open the console. Then type net.connect <serverIPAddress:port#>

For example:


I went to and just looked for a server there since they list the server IP address and port number just below the image banner for the servers listed.

Crap, well… im out of ideas, you’re gonna have to stick to net.connect i guess.