Can't close ragdoll eyes

I can’t close eyes on any ragdolls. When I move the blink slider to the right, the eyes open up even more instead. Even with other sliders, like “right/left eye close”. That didn’t happen in older GMOD versions. In older versions, the sliders for closing eyes worked the way they were supposed to. Any way to fix this?

I guess nobody has a clueeeeeee!

My God. I googled the problem and nobody knows anything about it! Someone else had this problem and didn’t get a single answer either. Another one got a bunch of clueless answers.

Yes, that is exactly what I did, as I explained in the 1st post. And instead of closing the eyes, that very slider opens them even more instead. It seems that some ragdolls work fine, but what bugs me is that a vast amount of them don’t work, which did work in previous versions. Everything else works fine, except sliders that move eyelids.

Care to name at least one model that supposedly doesn’t work?

That Mossman model, for example! I just decided to try the same model and that same exact slider does the exact opposite of what it does in the .gif! wtf :frowning:

Validate/verify your game and uninstall any addons that might affect faceposer.

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Thinking about this, can you show proof of owning the game?

A picture like this would be sufficient:

Yeah, the only thing affecting faceposer that I had was Enhanced Faceposing, which I got from the Workshop in hopes of fixing this. But it was broken and it didn’t let me facepose at all, so I deleted it.

How do I take a pic like that?

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Gonna add this too, just in case…same problem with Alyx and Barney, and probably the rest of the Half-Life 2 models. I mess around with downloaded models mostly and for example, ummmm…I have a Harley Quinn model, whose eyes work fine. Just like in the .gif. While at the same time, I have a Tekken character whose eyes do the opposite when I try to close them. Crazy thing is…I haven’t noticed any vanilla models working properly. While some(if not half of) downloaded models do.