Cant collect resources on any server anymore.


I have been playing rust for about 4 weeks now with no problems, however for the last 3 or 4 days i cant collect resources.
I can log into different servers, and talk to others in game.

I can run around the map and see wood piles, rocks animals etc i can run up to them and hit them with my rock but there is no system msg saying
you gather 7 wood etc or anything like that and no wood/rock/stones/ore etc will spawn into my inv even if its empty.
I also can not kill any animals, I can hit a pig with my rock for 15 minutes and it will not die

Very rarely if i spawn right next to a rock or wood pile i can hit it once or twice and now and then i might get like 7 or 14 units of wood into my inv
if i join a brand new server but after the first 2 or 3 strikes of a resource type it stops and i can no longer get any or open boxs etc.

I have relogged, restarted my pc and internet, reinstalled rust etc… but its still the same…

if anyone has any idea what else i could try to fix this im all ears :slight_smile:

I have the same problem to and from, It´s really annoying and destroys the interest for the game.

Yea its the exact same for me and I just payed for this

Desync bug. Check my posted thread for it. It has rubber-banding in the title.