Cant Comment need help

I sound like A TOTAL NOOB but srsly when i go on a file on and i wanna comment i cant :frowning: theres a text box which i write in and then theres NO BUTTON! why is there no post comment or add new comment button!

Help the No0b

Help me

Get a new browser? You might of been banned? Glitch?

You wont belive this but it dont work on… internet explorer, Opera, safari and google crome but it does work on firefox xD

What the hell!?!

Is some w3ird glich

but thx anyway

Weird, I can only comment in Safari.

Same thing happens to me. No post comment button, is it something to do with Windows 7?

I allmost threw up when I saw how you wrote this.

Garry, Please Bring Back The IQ System


Re-Wrote for easier viewing.

Now that’s just sad

So what.