Cant configure hammer for Gmod(SourceSDK)

System hardware specs

  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2,26ghz (2 cpus)
  • RAM: 2048GB DDR2
  • Graphics Card: Mobile Intel® GMA X4500HD (1024MB)
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3


  • Stargate, Wiremod, Spacebuild, Wiremod Extras, Phoenix-storms 3 modelpack, Smart Constraint, Unbreakable, WeightStool, ULX and some maps.

I recently wanted to learn mapping for Garry’s mod.

So i followed the instructions from the Gmod wiki on how to configure the Source SDK hammer for Garry’s mod.
But when i click “Edit Game Configurations” nothing happens, i just see the mouse marker loads and then nothing. (I figured i wouldnt post a screenshot as nothing happens, but i can take one if wanted)

Games i got(In case it might help)
Counter Strike: Source, Half-life 2:Deathmatch and ofcourse Garry’s mod.

Anyone know how to solve this or have any tips to come with?

I got it working, i couldnt edit game configurations under counter strike source, i had to change to Day of defeat: source under The orange box.
Sorry for posting this 5 minutes before i got it solved myself, i did try alot for some days ago.

You can just make a new configuration without modifying the pre-made ones.

You realise configuring Gmod in Hammer will only give you the Gmod entities/entities from games you mounted, not the textures and models, right?