Can't connect to a certain server.

So a friend of mine is hosting a server running WCA RPDM, and every time I try to join it it tells me that I have timed out. Other people can join without any problems, and this is the only server that I have a problem with.

Anyone know any possible reasons this could be happening, or any fixes?

Edit: So it seems that I can’t connect to any locally hosted servers, or [L] gamemodes. Just tried to connect to another friends server, and I had the same problem.


Is the server hosted on the other side of the world?

I don’t believe so, I’m pretty sure it’s either hosted in the US or in England.

C’mon FP help me out.

try… cl_updaterate 30. or you can try a smaller number.


US and England are opposite sides of the world…

maybe your ISP is…slow for that particular connect…

Happens to me aswell… No matter what server.