Can't connect to a specific server

I got my rust server put up yesterday and I was able to connect and play fine until around 20 minutes ago. I was on my server and couldn’t change items, open storage containers, or open doors. I disconnected and tried to reconnect to no avail. I ended up restarting my Rust, my computer, my modem, but I still can’t connect to my Rust server. I can’t see it in the server list and I can’t connect to it with net.connect. I can connect to other servers fine, just not mine.

EDIT: Just found a thread about someone that had the same problem as me, but with all servers in a certain region. Not sure if it’s related but he got no help, so either it’s not fixed yet or people are just SoL for now.

I haven’t been to log in all day to my usually server.

I tried connecting to other US servers and I can’t connect to those either. My problem is the same as his, and I guess that’s your problem as well.

Yeah. All of NA is down atm.

My (rented) server is working just fine. I am hosted in Chicago.


Hmm. I haven’t tried logging in recently. I live in Cali.

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There is another bigger (and whiny-er) thread about it.