Can't connect to any Rust servers.

How come I can’t connect to any Rust servers, ive restarted my computer, internet, re installed the game, nothing works at all. my friends can play the game, but I cant. I know people have made threads like this before but none have been answered so i would really like to play the game i payed for.

Anyone know? Its been months now, this is getting dumb.

Youre probably set as a DEV. You wanna right click rust goto properties click BETAS tab and opt out of the BETA. If you have the problem i have right now. Which lets you get into the game click on a server and when its about to load it crashes to desktop, well then goodluck is all i can say. I’m gona make a thread about it now.

+1, it’s not the dev thing either guys, its like ppl can’t connect to the master server at all

The dev thing makes you not able to see servers, i see severs, i just cant connect to any of them.

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Btw im kinda annoyed at the lack of support this game has, like is there anywhere i can make a ticket?