Can't connect to any server; condition still not met ServerManagement.Get() (50 frames later)

Hey guys,

I’ve searched around on the forum and found somebody else has had this issue also but nobody replied, i’m hoping i can shed some more information and hopefully get it sorted out.

A little backstory, my mate has had this issue since he purchased the game and i’ve played it fine at home. I took my computer over to his place and now i’m also getting the same error.

The error is; condition still not met ServerManagement.Get() (50 frames later). This continues to count in +50 increments and never stops. A screenshot to the error is here.

Im under the assumption it’s due to his router/modem so i setup a DMZ IP for my connection and still getting the error, the modem/router in question is a netgear genie DGND3700v2. I’m running out of options.

Thanks guys

It means the server is having lag issues due to the ddos

This isn’t due to the DDOS fdgods.

everytime i connect during the ddos it says it to me.

I can connect fine from home, and he’s had this issue for over a week. Which is why i think it’s modem/router related.

A lot of people are having various issues connecting to any servers at the moment - would not be so quick to chalk it up to the router.

EDIT - Ninja’d by above. Does he get the error every single time he tries to connect to any server?

He’s had the same issue since he purchased the game 8 days ago (before the DoS attacks even started)

I’ve been playing the game fine for a week, took my pc to his place and i got the exact same error he gets.

it seem to be a issue related to a slow connection or something blocking him from connecting (router ports etc?) i cant say im familiar with rust and its networking but i have had the same issues while my internett have been slow etc. i suggest as a starter to allov rust thru the windows firewall and if you know the rust networking ports unblock these from your router.

He has no other issues with other online games CS, Dota, WoW etc…

I’ve been looking for the rust networking ports to forward but i haven’t come across an answer on that one yet; which is why i setup DMZ on the router/modem for my LAN IP and not even that worked.

Let rust past anti virus and firewall to?

On the port part you culd try t portforward the hole port rankge and then try if it works after doing so you atlest know its a port and then try to find what port :slight_smile: