Can't connect to ANY server only when SRCDS is running?

Yesterday morning I finally port-forwarded my server correctly, and it worked just fine. People came on my server, it got pretty popular, etc etc. But after a while on the server, I had to leave for about 3 hours. But just before I closed Garry’s Mod it crashed, so I ended the process and went out for 3 hours, then came back and started Gmod. I tried to go on my server, but it just says “Connecting to server…” then the classic “Connection failed after 4 retries.” It’s never done that before, and it only does it with my SRCDS server on, and it does it on any server I go to. If you need more info like my computer specs or IP, just say so.

EDIT: When I erase the “-ip ..1.3” off of the Start.bat file, it works but is in LAN and Hamachi mode. So if it uses the port I forwarded or my computer’s IP (which is the IP I port forwarded), it doesn’t work.

You probably fucked up some Router settings… I’d just change router to normal status and if you want a server buy one, thats what i did. cause i fucked up my DNS, it’s probably the same with you now :confused:

I haven’t changed any settings that would do that. All I know is I started my server, people came, I had to leave, 3 hours later I come back and I can’t join any servers as long as my server is up.

I know there’s no bumping, but I really need help and it’s been over 24 hours.