Alright I have no idea what is going on but its really pissing me off… I bought rust in mid october and i just decided to play it on steam once again (the last time i played on steam was like december and it was working fine). I CANT CONNECT TO ANY SEVERS. IM NOT BANNED AT ALL AND THE PING IS REALLY LOW… When I try to connect to any server it just brings up the loading screen and says connecting but just brings me back to the server list. Its getting really annoying and I have no clue what to do. Any Suggestions?

PS. Its not my antivirus or firewall I have disabled both.

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The server you’re trying to connect to could be full.

Post your output log file.

In the console if thats what you mean it just says connnecting to server then an ip address
then it just says connection failed

Browse to the location the game is installed, find the output log file and then copy paste the contents in here.

Better find out what is wrong quickly before this thread closes.

Why would it be deleted?

Uh, because your thread title is all caps, you were an asshole, and you are freaking out like a twelve-year-old, maybe?

All caps in the subject, foul language, not providing the info required to fix your issue etc…

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jk, Make sure you “Verify integrity of game cache” inside of steam.

Right click on rust > Properties > local files > “Verify integrity of game cache”

That or the server is whitelisted. :zoid: