Can't connect to any servers?

Hey guys, everytime I click a server it doesnt do anything or I get the ‘‘connecting to server’’ page and it quickly dissapear some seconds after… Does anyone have a solution for that? Thanks!

Hi, Are you on the dev branch? If you are you need to be joining servers that are also on the dev branch

Yes I am, Thanks! now I just need to find a server that is on the dev branch.

how to get on dev branch I want to play those servers?

Well…it is usually in the server’s name.

yea but it wont let me join

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im having the same issue i cant join the ones that say dev branch

Then, you have to turn on dev branch in Rust>Propertie>Beta

could you please expand on that?

Hotcakes open steam right click on rust, properties, betas and thank you Wiji trying to figure this out for a while nobody has answered

Finally someone gave a straight answer, thanks!

Oh and yes…I guess it wasnt clear enough, sorry! oh and yeah its okay :slight_smile: