Can't connect to any servers.

Just bought the game on steam earlier, tried to connect to servers by double clicking, wouldn’t do anything at all. Did a google search and tried to connect to an official server using the F1 net.connect <IP> trick, but it starts to load, then goes back to the server list page and doesn’t connect.

It is a legit version of the game so I have no idea why it’s doing it, and tbh it’s making me regret wasting £15 tbh.

Instead of giving hate straight off, how about investigating into the issue rather than ‘waste of £15 tbhhhhhhhhh’.

Let’s start off with the basics and work our way up.

  1. You are able to see the list of servers, correct?
  2. You mentioned it ‘starts to load then goes back to server list’, what does the error say in Console? (F1, will most likely be in red text).
  3. Depending on the firewall, some firewalls prompt twice before you are able to connect to a server, make sure Rust is trusted on the firewall.

I can see the servers, however when I double click to connect, it does not work. I have to use the IP’s I found on another thread to use net.connect <IP> to connect to an official server.

Checked firewall settings also.

Okay that’s more like it, now we can actually investigate further into the issue rather than posting with no details at all.

How many attempts have you done to connect to servers?

There was a very similar thread on this which I will try and find for you now.

I’ve been constantly trying for at least an hour. Tried to connect to all the official servers and none of them will connect, just Connection Failed every time :confused:

Okay, checking the thread that was similar to this wasn’t actually solved.

Have you tried restarting the game?
Which firewalls do you have running on your computer?

Ive restarted both the game and my computer now, neither seem to have an effect.
Only running windows firewall, but exceptions are added for Rust.

Just for the sake of checking, can you show proof that you own the game? Your profile is private and that is a little suspicious.

There you go, now I certainly hope you didn’t ask just for the sake of it, and that you actually have something worthwhile to contribute?

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Because you’ll no doubt find something wrong with having the bottom half cut off.

Just wanted to check, I don’t have anything to contribute other than verify the game’s cache, reinstall the game, or reinstall Steam. What are your computer specs?

I’ll try reinstalling the game, but beyond that there is no reason for it not to connect. My computer exceeds the mimimum requirements.

you have to excuse Jonny, he’s the forum investigator. It can be annoying some times but when we have all these “omg why did i get banned” topics he swoops in and rubs the result of his investigation skills in their faces, so it pays of to have him arround in the end :slight_smile:

Can you try turning off the windows firewall and try again? are you currently sitting behind a router of some sort?

I’w had numerous cases at work where the windows firewall blocks traffic even though it’s in the list.

I will give those a try once it’s reinstalled if it’s still playing up kieeps.
It quite possibly could be the firewall tbh, wouldn’t be the first time it’s hindered my ability to do something.

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I have just tried with my firewall off and it is still having the same issue, after reinstalling the game.
Mind is absolutely boggled as to why it won’t work :confused:

thats wierd…
Ok can you post your specs? OS etc etc… not sure it will help much unless you use WindowsME or something but it still might helps to know, any router/modem between you and the internetz?

I think this new player just happened to try the game in the midst of a larger issue. I cannot connect to any servers and I’ve been playing a long while now. My usual server crashed about a half hour ago and I cannot get on any servers at all. As if something bigger happened. Can anyone confirm?

Nobody can join a server on Rust because Steam is currently offline

Kieeps, it’s AMD dual core, 8gb ram, gpu isnt anything special, but i’ve checked min specs and far surpasses. Running windows 7 home. Yeah there’s a router between me, but it’s never blocked anything before.

Oh ok that explains it.

Has that been the case all day though? I’ve been trying since around 12/1 GMT

5.10.x.x IP looks like a Hamchi (LogMeIn) IP. However steam is down. Just wondering who is hosting a RUST server on Hamachi.