Cant connect to friend's game, "Server not Responding"

A friend and I just Purchased Gmod, and are greatly enjoying it. The problem is, we cant seem to connect to each other’s game. We could easily connect in other Steam games, and can join the same server in multiplayer. I’ve even had a few random people join the multiplayer game I created, but whenever either of us tries to join the other’s game, it tells us that “The server is not responding”. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It’s because he is trying to connect to your internal IP. (Example:

You need to send him to your external-ip:port : 27015 (Example:

He can add your IP to his favorite list, so he can join easily.

We tried that, and we even found each other’s game in the multiplayer servers, but it still gave us the same response

So your ports are open, and are sure that sv_lan is 0?

Im afraid I dont know what that means. I’ve only had steam for about a week now

press the ~ button to open console and type sv_lan 0 then try.

We both did that and got the same response

Ok, so after a week of researching and retrying we still Cant get it to work. We can join the same game servers in Gmod, but never each other’s. We’ve tried just about everything, and even tried to type in “connect [friend’s ip]” in the console. It will start to connect, and will go to the white screen, but when it tries to connect to the server, the loading bar will stop moving, and the message “connection failed after 4 retries” pops up. I’ve also gone to a hardwire connection (though he hasn’t), and Keep hearing something about opening my ports, but im not sure what that means.

just clicking mutiplayer will olny alow people that are useing the same modem to connect
(like your bro or sis)

witch is kinda dumb they shold make it so anyone can join x0x

the same thing it happens you got an INALAMBRIC INTERNET CONNECTION? got one and that doesn´t leave me create servers where peopla can join thats why i use hamachi to create my servers but you can open your PORT check to my post.


wait HOW i Open my port???

This is assuming you have a dedicated server, its not hard to do.
if your friend is on LAN, aka, connected to YOUR router then just do a create game.

If not, go here:

And set up a dedicated server.

You need to forward ports, i figured out how to forward ports on my own server with a ton of different sources.

this site is very useful:

Find your router model, then scroll down to select half life 2 steam server or something of that sorts.

Follow the guide and try that, make sure that you open ports in your firewall, just go into the control panel, internet and security or network sorta thing, firewall. Then exceptions and click add port, add the port 27015, udp and tcp.

when port forwarding, i forward these ports:

27005-27050:udp and tcp

Make sure that you have the servers ip in the port forwarding section on your router.
Open Run>type cmd> type ipconfig, press enter, find your ip, XXX.XXX.X.YYY

Take that YYY, you will need it in your port forwarding.

Hope this worked, ask me if it didnt, idk what router you have so idk how quite to do it.

:doh: Other people can join from the internet too, as long as you have ports forwarded and you’re connected to the internet. OP, follow this tutorial here :

Get hamachi!

No, that’s worse.

How is it, if you know what you’re doing, it’s actually better.

Get teamveiwer. Thats a great program to use, its so simple to use also.

That…doesn’t allow you to connect to GMOD servers.

Well, IDK about that, because me and a friend were using Team Viewer to talk and it allowed him to connect to my server, and i didn’t have hamachi and port forwarding never seemed to work for me.

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