Can't connect to my own server; keep timing out.

So I finally set up my server, click connect, enter my password, its launches gmod, then starts loading the server/map. But, after a while I just time out. I don’t think I put any addons in the server, although I have a lot myself. So what’s the problem? Im on verizon fios and my connections fine, although my computer sucks. I mean, it’s REALLY bad. Is it possible to set it so that you don’t time out? Any help would be appreciated.

Try setting sv_timeout a little higher on the server.

I tried, just set to to 0 and 1000 on seperate tries, both times I timed out at the same time. But I’ll try again.

If you’re hosting the server on your own computer connect to localhost, or if you’re hosting it on a server on your network, connect to that computers LAN IP.

Also, don’t forget to add the :port if you’re using another port then 27015.

Sorry, but what do you mean by connect to local host? I just go to the lan tab in servers and click connect; that’s it. It doesn’t ask where or anything. How would I specify where to connect to? BTW, I am hosing on my comp, and Im using port 27015.


Oh, this might help: The loading goes really fast until it says “Sending client info”.


Then it stops.


WAIT! I GOT IT! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO… T! I just changed it so that it doesn’t download or upload anything, and I got in. THanks for the help anyway though.

Try cl_timeout 3600 instead.

ok i will. BUt not now, I have to find how to adjust the max of all the npcs and stuff.

sbox_?? should be it, experiment with it

Actually I found that already. But thanks again!