Can't connect to my server on my PC

I have a dedicated server that I’m using to test some stuff on Gmod. The server is running on my main PC, the same PC I’m trying to connect to the server on. When I open Gmod, no servers show up on my Local Network or on the Internet tab.

When I open Gmod on my laptop, I’m able to connect without any issues. I’ve checked to make sure my ports are forwarded correctly, they are. When I connect on my desktop using “connect <ip>”, it attempts a connections then says “connection failed after 4 retries” (something like that).

I’d be helpful if I could have Gmod open while I’m working on some other stuff for it both on the same PC, so if anyone knows what could be causing this please give me some tips. Thanks!

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Can’t connect to any servers, I just found out. And I can connect to them when I stop my own server…