can't connect to rust after update

when i try log in to rust its say loading asset warmup, and then it shut down, and im back to steam. i can’t get in to rust and i really love this game, and have been playing more then 2000 hours, i have tryid anything but nothing helps.

The same thing here at Mac OS.
Rust connection to server stucks at “Shader Warmup”

ok its really sad… i got an stationary pc i7

I’ve the same problem. When the game is loading level procedural map, it quits. I’ve tried to play in dx9 mode, I can enter the server, but I can’t play smooth; the game stutters. My pc: i7 920 + nvidia gtx 285. Thank you in advance for the help.


*macholusitanoDiogo an hour ago *
We’re looking at this right now. Trying to replicate and fix asap