Cant connect to Rust server

so me and my clan where playing on this server called Uk wasteland. one day i could not connect to it anymore, i could not even find it in my favorite tab, so i entered the client.connect (ip) but it just said "connection attemt failed i have tried to reinstall my game twice and verify game cache 4 times now, nothing seems to help. there are some times that im able to connect to uk wasteland but it does not take long untill i get disconnected again, maybe about 10-20 minutes. i have tried to contact the admins but they have no idea what to do.

its not a server issue . currently 105 playing on it . so this is a rust issue

I have this same exact issue, I have contacted admins but they are unsure how this can be resolved, he advised me to post a thread in the hope someone knows how to fix this issue.


is there any way to fix it then?