Cant connect to rust servers

Will anyone help me here? I try connecting to servers in rust and whenever i try to join, it says “Failed to connect” And its the same with all of the servers… Please help :l

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BTW, I restarted my computer and everything, It just says “Failed to connect” But detects all the servers, My ping to alot of them is around 60-90

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I think i fixed it, The servers are being DDosed again i belive, so i will close this post when i figure out how.

I double click, I click a bunch in a row like 20 times, and I am still unable to join a game. I don’t get the “failed to connect” message, it either ignores my clicking or brings me back to the server browser page. :frowning: I guess I’ll go play something else, too bad sad face.

Plus, I can’t sort the serves by ping…number of players works and by name works sometimes, but not ping which is most important to me. I read he’s fixing the server browser soon, so hopefully this problem is part of it :smiley: